About Us

The one stop Motorcycle Pit Stop Brand has your bike covered.

A Long Time Ago...

Born and raised in Potters Bar, owner of Motorcycle Pit Stop Ralph developed a love for Motorcycles at a very young age. Ralph learnt the tricks of the trade under the excellent guidance of his father who he would help in taking apart, repairing and putting his bikes back together again.







Our Mission

Motorcycle Pit Stop is all about superb quality, skills, lubricants and parts. Hence no matter what you ride, you can leave your bike in our skilful hands without a trace of worry.

Our Vision

To provide high quality servicing and repairs without you having to pay main dealer rates.


Motorcycle Pit Stop

With over 32 years of experience below our belts, the trust and the peace of mind we provide has won us the loyalty of many customers, some dating back to our inception.

Having established Motorcycle Pit Stop in 2006 we have been servicing, repairing bikes and carrying out M.O.T’s in Letchworth for over 11 years.

Ralph started his career at North London Motorcycles where he joined straight from school and stayed there through his apprenticeship until 1986. He then left to join the RAC as a patrolman and then went on to work for factory Super-bike teams, working with riders such as Steve Plater and Chris Walker.

Ralph has also run his own team racing in British Super-sport and National Super-stock with great results.