The purpose of the M.O.T Test is to ensure that Motorcycles over a prescribed age are checked at least once a year to see that they comply with key roadworthiness and environmental requirements.

M.O.T's are £ 29.65.


M.O.T test station.

We have a Government approved M.O.T test station on-site with a brake tester and Headlight alignment to ensure your motorcycle or scooter is safe. M.O.T's can be done while you wait or by appointment. Or if you prefer you can leave your bike with us and collect it when it is convenient for yourself. 

Motorcycle parts checked at an MOT

What if?

What if my bike does not pass?

We offer a free re-test with only one condition, that the repairs must be carried out within 10 working days by either us or any other garage.

Find out

Find out when your next M.O.T is due?

Use the Vehicle & Operator Services Agency online M.O.T checking system to see when your M.O.T is due. Enter the registration number.

Vehicle & Operator Service Agency online MOT checking system

Need Help?

Do you need any further help?

If you have any further questions regarding M.O.T testing, please do not hesitate to call us on 01462 671166. Appointments are also available on Saturdays.

MOT Facts