Engine Oils & Fluids

Keeping your bike on the road.

Taking care of the engine or battery improves the chances of your bike lasting for the long haul. Maintaining them regularly and ensuring issues are nipped at the bud, you can save yourself, a lot of unnecessary distress and hassles. However, only the very best and the skilled technicians should do this. At Motorcycle Pit Stop, we will look after your bike and ensure you receive the best service you and your bike deserves.


Putoline Oil Please call for latest prices

Putoline Oil only supplies products for motorised two-wheelers. It has done so since 1970! This makes Putoline Oil unique! We stock and supply Putoline Motorcycle Oils. The company is based in Holland and produces the world’s largest range of motorcycle specific lubricants and bike care products covering all aspects and models of scooters to super-bikes.

Harley Davidson Oil Please call for latest prices

Developed with a proprietary mineral basestock formula and TESTED-CERTIFIED by Harley-Davidson Motor Company, Formula+ is blended to provide lubricity for the anti-wear requirements of transmission gears. Formulated to maintain the coefficient of friction for proper clutch operation and provide adequate lubrication to the primary chain, this lubricant is approved for use in all stages of transmission and primary chaincase life.

Motul Motorcycle Oils Please call for latest prices

Motul’s experts have developed a wide range of dedicated products for the specific requirements of each Powersport machine. From 300V engine lubricants to Coolant, Brake fluids, Chain cleaners, Additives, Fork lubricants, MOTUL offers you a wide Product ranges to protect and take care of your 2-Stroke or 4-Stroke Motorcycle.

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